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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  September 13, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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quickly. the suspect approached the car as it arrived. one woman, who did not want to be identified, watched it all unfold. >> i was sitting down, getting ready to eat and the armored man was walking out, a man pointed a gun at him and shot him in his face. he got away. he didn't get any mean just ran away. >> for you, what was that like and what did everyone do in the restaurant? >> it was terrifying, people were panicked. >> reporter: back live now as you can see, again, this investigation continues as you heard, the suspect fled and tonight, police are looking for the gunman. as far as the victim, he was transported by a personal car and there is no update on his investigation. a large section of this section near the 600 block of malcom x
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and martin luther king closed off tonight. it's creating a lot of headaches and police are diverting a lot of traffic. the investigation continues. robe chavez, fox 5 news -- roby chavez, fox 5 news. >> i know this investigation is getting started, we heard the witness say that she didn't believe that the gunman took off with any money, but we're hearing that he may have escaped with a bag. what have you been hearing out there? >> reporter: we have not got an official report with the police. she was sitting in the restaurant and did not see him pick up anything. we spoke with another woman sitting beside her, she had the same account. they were panicked inside the restaurant and may not have seen the driver or suspect get away with anything. perhaps he did and didn't, we're trying to sort that out and we'll try to get back with them to get an official report on that and we know he got away from the scene. >> keep us updated, thank you. a police-involved shooting fueling a fire storm of debate in adams morgan tonight. whether the deadly force was
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justified depends on who you talk to. on one side, a woman who claims her dog was attacked. on the other, a man with a pit bull mix and said the officer was the one out of control. this dog is dead tonight and paul wagner is live with the top story. paul. >> reporter: this is where it happened in this stairwell here, happened after the lunch hour and there are passionate opinions on both sides of this issue and you can imagine, people believe the officer was justified and there are others who believe that the officer was wrong. and today we talked to the people involved in the incident. the lady and the man with the pit bull mix. here are their stories. sushi is recuperating at home today. he's laid up with a couple of broken bones in his right paw and a frightful memory of a run- in with paris. >> he got a big wound and stitches and have two broken bones that we don't know yet if
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he's going to need surgery or not. >> reporter: sheila martin sill have had -- silva had just left the brass knob when her bischon was attacked by the bit pill -- pit bull mix. it was vicious. she couldn't separate the dogs. >> i saw when the dog turned around, he was aggressive and something was going. yes. >> reporter: martin silva said a large man finally grabbed sushi and handed him back to her. she was hysterical. >> i remember seeing the dog, the owner trying to hold him down and the dog bit him, too. >> reporter: but aaron block said paris never bit him and had the dog under control when the officer arrived on the scene. >> you can see the extent of my injuries. hardly really anything at all. >> reporter: block admits that parrot did bite sushi but was not biting people. >> the officer threw my dog down, he landed half on this upper triangle shaped step and
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half on the ground on his back, on his spine. officer fik iran to the top of the stairs and shot and killed my dog. >> reporter: he's been fostering parrot for the -- parrot for the lucky doing and has had him for a month. >> i believe at the time the officer was in panic mode that he was not thinking clearly. >> reporter: sheila silva didn't see the shooting but all she knows. >> i think the police did the right thing. the dog was aggressive and i saw the dog bite him. >> here's the irony. the officer involved, scott fikes assigned to the special operations edition as a canine handler and works with dogs every day. when he came up to aaron block here, he told him he was a canine officer and knew how to handle these situations. preliminarily, the police are saying the shooting appear to
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be justified and this year they shot five dogs, last year at this time, they shot 14. >> thank you. police believe a speed bump may have led to a murder in springfield. steven car had convinced officials to install the speed bump in front of his home. a neighbor, david patton, was reportedly upset about that speed bump. the police say he broke into carr's house sunday night, tied up carr and his girlfriend. investigators believe that he shot carr when he tried to get free and when the roommate came home, police say he chased him while the girlfriend ran upstairs and called 911. neighbors can't believe it. >> it's really sad and up fortunate to think that people can fly off the handle that much over just -- a speed bump. that it could be that bad. >> reporter: someone was hogging their car horn every night as they drove over the speed bump and car and -- carr and patton got into an altercation in june. they were supposed to go to court on tuesday and patton is
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now charged with murder. the clock is ticking hours until voters go to the polls in the d.c. broom easier. the candidates for mayor are making last-ditch pushes to grab the undecided votes with a cloud hanging over this race about possible vote buying. karen gray houston joins the action from the newsroom. >> reporter: the two candidates are trying to convince people to come out and vote tomorrow and both adrian fenty and vincent gray are fielding accusations about buying. >> reporter: in the wind, what is noticeable, the difference in style. fenty saying votes are what i have done, not for who i am. >> crime's down, education is up. services have never been stronger. >> reporter: vincent gray, the consensus building council chairman is stalling for votes
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surrounded by security. >> do you have security? >> yeah. >> do you think it's necessary? >> people have convinced me because of the behaviors at other events during the campaign. >> reporter: and then there is fenty ride alone in his smart car with no trailing police detail. there is that phone camera video that shows gray supporters trying to lure voters to the polls with $10 gift cards. >> i think when the board of elections referred it to the state attorney's office, i think they did the right thing. i will let them investigate it. this is an effort to get voters out to vote. >> reporter: the first lady barry has acknowledged the role in the gift card giving. she said it was a unity effort to get out the vote and said ward 8 has the second highest voter registration in the city and the lowest turnout and in her words, we didn't care who they voted for. the d.c. democratic state committee held a pep rally for candidates running in
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tomorrow's primary. most of the candidates showed up with one notable exception. adrian fenty. >> reporter: mayor fenty has been battling allegations one of his supporters was offering young people jobs for $100 a day to vote for the mayor on mayor and according to the board of elections, it's illegal to offer anything of value. a spokeswoman said the general couple is documenting the allegations to be referred to the appropriate law enforcement agency. shawn? >> and that is going down to the wire. thank you. and our coverage is far from over. fox 5 goes with onion 1 with candidates. my interview with vin vent -- vincent gray at 5:30 and adrian fenty at 6. you can go to for decision 2010, everything you need to cast your vote is a click away. it may not have been a pretty game but lied up to the hype. the red -- lived up to the hype.
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the redskins-cowboys going down to the final play and feldy has more. you can hear me? >> yes, i can. you can hear me? you can hear me? >> yes, i can, feldy. it was a great game last night at the end. >> it was great at the end and that was the 101st meeting between the two teams, a rivalry alary from 1960. bruce allen was going to make it old school bringing back the yellow pants and burgundy top and it worked. you could say that that was decided by two plays. redskins lead 3-0. the cowboys decide not to run out the clock. tony romo with the pressure and pitches to him. hall strips him and goes 32 yards for the touchdown and redskins led 10-0 at the half. three seconds left in the game.
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the skins lead 13-7. 3rd and 10 from the 12, romo avoids the rush, steps up to find williams for the game-winning touchdown. the cowboys celebrate and need the extra point to win the game. wait a minute, the cowboys are called for a holding penalty. alex baron puts a chokehold on ralph giacobbe ho. the game is over, the redskins are the winner, defeating the cowboys, 13-7. >> did you know you had the holding penalty? >> as soon as i saw him -- was like they going to call it and i saw the yellow flag on the floor, hey. >> this is game over, let's celebrate time. >> and hi big plays in my career but not in the redskins uniform. very good. >> and a heck of a job. it's hard to be the good football team when you move on
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offense. you know, we found a way to do that, very proud of the total effort of the team. >> reporter: the redskins have now already won more games within the division than they did all of last year and they 1- 0 winning in the the nfc east. good for them. at 6: 00 albert haines worth played and didn't start and did speak out about his smaller role and what the future has for the $41 million man. that is at 6:00. >> and back to you. >> thank you. is there a connection connection? doctors are looking closer at the autism debate. are vaccines to blame. we're breaking it down in 10 minutes. also tonight, caught on camera. what happened to the moments following california's deadly gas explosion last week. more of the video you have to see to believe. what is next for the community still ahead tonight. sherry. and no more detours after
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more than 40 years. the final stretch is about to open. how it will save driver's time and ease frustration. we started this weekend great weather-wise. is this weather going to hold? we'll talk about it. a first look at the forecast coming up. keep it here, fox 5 news at 5 is getting started blah. 
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after four years, adrian fenty is now apologizing. he never apologized for giving control of $82 million in city contracts to his frat brothers. no apology for his secret trips and missed appearances, for record-high unemployment and overspending the budget. and no apology for what the washington post calls "silly fights with the d.c. council," "unnecessary government secrecy," "shutting out community voices." we're sorry, mayor fenty -- some things you just can't forgive.
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>> tomorrow, also primary day in maryland and the race for county executive of prince georges county is heating up. fox 5s maureen umeh is live with more now and the top contenders. >> reporter: democratic voters in prince georges count have five candidates vying for the see. they're sheriff michael jackson and baker. both men are pushing improvements and change. today, they made their last- minute pitch for the vote. >> reporter: going door-to-door to get out the vote in prince georges county. >> and michael jackson ran for
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county executive. >> reporter: sheriff michael jackson and baker are making their final rounds, rallying support and trying to spray the minds of still undecided voters. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: both candidates are campaigning on three main issues: education, economic development and crime reduction. >> i'm the only executive in the race. the only person that led an agency. >> reporter: he believes he's best qualified to tackle the job and he was born and bread t in the county, holding several positions, including teaching. he believes that makes him better suited to address students' needs. school unions are endorsing him. >> my name is in congressional record and we're naturally recognized for the child support initiative, our school resource initiative where we place deputy sherinnives in the schools. >> reporter: baker is making a third run for the county executive seat after losing
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twice to jack johnson. and despite -- despite repeated attempts to catch up with baker, his staff said he was unavailable until this evening. baker is focusd, too, on improving the county's education system, theing it a paramount to fixing the overall position in the region and is endorsed by unions and state and local lawmakers. both candidates have plans to spur economic development. jackson with a series of tax credits and the public works project he said will bring in revenue. baker with an innovative financeing plan and tax credit to spur development. the two big endorsements for both candidates, county executive jack johnson is officially coming out and in support of sharon jackson and the "washington post." >> thank you. and following a developing story out of california. new surveillance video released by a grocery store shows people reacting to the gas line explosion. take a closer look at the
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video. you request can see people hitting the floor when they hear the blast, others run for cover. four people were killed and four others are messing. dozens of homes were destroyed. today, residents returned to the neighborhoods the first time. >> my heart goes out to my neighbors and the lives lost. i'm shocked at what i'm seeing right now. >> not just the physical reconstruction but the mental reconstruction is going to have to take place and -- for many, many years to come. >> pacific gas and electric hasn't figured out what caused the explosion. state reg alternators are telling them to suvail all natural -- survey all natural gas lines throughout the state. after weeks of controversy, the imam tackles the melting criticism over plans to construct the facility blocks from the world trade center site. eric shape has the story. -- eric shawn has the story. >> i vote e in elections, i pay
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taxes, i pledge allegiance to the flag and i am a giants fan. >> reporter: trying to smooth tensions over the proposed islamic cultural center in this building, saying he's a proud american and proud muslim. despite the deep divide, believes a mosque near the twin tower site is worth the firestorm. >> this center will be a place for all faiths to come together as partners and stakeholders and mutual respect. it will bring honor to the city of new york to american muslims across the country and around the world. >> reporter: his comments follow the weekend marking the 9th anniversary of 9/11, a weekend including a protest over the proposed center ands lam. >> they do not deserve the respect they demand and they do not give the respect they demand. >> we don't want -- they murdered 3,000 people here.
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a new poll shows that voters overwhelmingly -- shown it's not right to -- it's their right to build it but not there. when asked for a compromise, he had this to say. >> we're exploring all options as we speak right now and we are working through what will be a solution that will resolve this crisis. >> we asked his wife why won't they move the mosque and if they have any plans to do so. she said they need more time to come up with a solution and are talking with all the stakeholders and wouldn't directly answer that question. in new york, i'm eric shawn, fox news. and absolutely positively music monday. >> today is proof of why fall is my fast time of the year and it feels like fall. >> don't push us there. >> i know, seven more days, right? >> is that right?
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>> what is is today's date? >> the 13th. >> yes. >> okay. >> and who cares. >> exactly. >> we love the weather. >> that is right. it's monday, too, and we want to keep this alive through the week. now, we had the rain yesterday, which is good. everyone needs rain and we had have another chance later on this week. let's see what is going on. not a cloud in the sky. maybe you saw one or two and that is about it. this is the forecast this evening, very, very nice for all of the hours here through the evening. temperatures in the 70s and into the upper 60s by later on and you're good to go. the next few days, great and then we have the forecast again and this full forecast. >> thank you, gary. is there a connection? >> dr.s -- doctors are taking a closer look at autism and mercury. >> we have the results of a new study every parent should here. -- hear. and it's enough to make your stomach turn, what this hungry crowd was chowing down.
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who walked -- walkedway with bragging rights? we have details in 20 minutes.  no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work.
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i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 states. we've made over 120,000 claims payments, more than $375 million. we've committed $20 billion to an independent claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. we'll keep looking for oil, cleaning it up if we find it and restoring the gulf coast. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right.
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>> george washington university's brand new school of nursing is celebrating a big gift. reston hospital center and hca hospital center are donating $23,000 to the school. that will go to add more resources and equipment to the 3,000 square foot simulation lab and that is a virtual hospital for students to work on the school skills. it's at the gw virginia science and technology in ashburn. gw opened the school of nursing in july. people with prosthetic limbs may one day be able to feel sensations like they have real skin and researchers are working on this. the idea is to use sensors connected to stimulate real touch and that will take a long time to complete. the technology to finish it is not available. and a new government-funded
5:26 pm
study said there is no link between autism and childhood vaccines with mercury-based preservative thimerosol. they tracked more than 1,000 which were born between 1994 and 1999 after viewing the immunization records of the children and their mothers, they found no link between vaccinations and the development of autism. the clock is particularring on the push for your support. voters hit the votes tomorrow. don't miss my one-on-one with vincent gray next. you may think you're ordering from the light side of the menu. how many calories are you consuming -- consuming? next. n
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are 100% pure sipping fun. the simple joy of real fruit smoothies. ♪
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>> just hours to go until the polls open and the district decides who will be the city's next mayor. it's been a hard-fought campaign full of surprises. the latest polls in the d.c.
5:30 pm
mayor'seracy have vincent gray leading mayor fenty. we wanted to look closer at both candidates with hours to go before the election. i recently sat down with vincent gray to find out why he thinks he should be mayor of d.c. you can feel the excitement surround ising -- surrounding vincent gray as we walk the streets of d.c., residents eager to talk about the champ he could bring. [ indiscernible ] judge -- the change he could bring. [ indiscernible ] >> all the neighbors and -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: why should people elect you for mayor of the district of columbia? >> first of all, i think i bring an inclusive stifle leadership and open and transparent. >> your top two priorities? >> continue with education reform and to get people back to work. >> make sure we make the
5:31 pm
investments in terms of jobs that exist and secondly, we need a department of services that trains people for contemporary jobs and need to use our new community college that i was instrumental in helping to establish a year ago for the same opportunity, and restoring career and technical and vocational education to our schools. a three-pronged attack. >> what mistakes have you made? >> reporter: during a debate on fox 5, he was asked what mistakes he made while in office. at that time, he didn't admit to any but told me that he reconsidered his response. >> one of the things, frankly that i do regret is a confirmation of the current attorney general. >> reporter: he's referring to peter nickles, a longtime friend of the fenty family. he only voted to confirm nickles because he wanted to support the mayor hoping it would improve their working relationship. gray said it hasn't. >> i don't think this attorney understands what his job is. his client is the people of the district of columbia, not the mayor. >> the critics who say if you were elected mayor, your
5:32 pm
administration will look more like the barry administration. >> i don't have any idea why anyone would with come to that conclusion. i have been a council member and council chair now for almost four years. i have no desire to go back to a past that was not connected -- connected to in the first place. it's an unfounded allegation. >> and if elected, what is the first thing you will do? >> i am going to conduct a citizens summit to bring people back together as mayor williams did and let them work on the priorities for the city. >> reporter: if you lose, what is next? >> i will continue to be the council chair until the end of december. i am a native washingtonian, i love this city and i will continue to do whatever i can to help the city move forward. >> how are you doing? >> all right. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> reporter: i asked chairman gray if he thinks mayor fenty did any good for the city. he was complimentary of the lower crime rate and the
5:33 pm
decision to take over the school system. our coverage continues. coming up on the news edge at 6, don't miss brian boltary one- on-one interview with mayor fenty, straight ahead at 6. it's one of the worse bottle necks in northern virginia. on a normal day, traffic around fort belvoir slows to a crawl. after more than four decades, the parkway's final link is about to be complete. it comes at the right time. >> reporter: it's taken so long to complete the entire county parkway that one person joked, robert e. lee's signature was on the original planning document. >> at last. >> reporter: more than 40 years later, the 1.8 miles is about to open. >> reporter: without this final stretch, it would have been a mess. it would have been a mess and this provides a component,
5:34 pm
major component. >> reporter: the $124 million project is critical. with the military relocating 20,000 jobs to the fort bevel wear area next year. the move pushed the federal government to pitch in $61 million in stimulus funding with the state and county cash- strapped. >> this has become one of the most famous roe receive -- recovery projects in the nation. president obama visited the project twice. >> how hard was it to get the federal money? >> if we had not passed a recovery act, we would still be fighting for it. >> 1, 2, 3! >> reporter: the final section becomes fully operational next week, linking route 7 to the north and route 1 to the south. right now, getting from the end of fairfax county parkway to i- 95 or route 1 is noon easy. first, you get dumped on rolling road and have to go through the industrial park and that is a confusing mess that will be a straight shock. >> this is confusing. it causes traffic congestion,
5:35 pm
confusion, it's not safe and this is a final component. >> reporter: this stretch was dedicated to the trooper. >> a motorcycle officer killed in the same area. fellow troopers inaugurateed the road with a motorcycle procession. additional on and offramps will be finished in the next few years. >> it took time to get there and maybe that is -- for how we might be needs to speed up our processes. >> reporter: the first 40 years took long enough. sherri ly, fox 5 news. a big box retailer is offering its own cell phone plan with heave its. >> and a heavy hitter forcing restaurants to cut the fat out of their menus. some of the stories in your money news today. here's melanie alnwick with the update. >> reporter: wal-mart is wielding its power again, this time in the mobile phone market. this the world's largest retailer is offering its own branded cell phone plan, the
5:36 pm
wal-mart family mobile service will run on t mobile's network. unlimited calling and texting will cost $45 a month for the first line and $25 for each additional line. customers will have to buy a phone locked in to the wal-mart family mobile plan. the fate of the diet drug meridia could be decided. the food and drug administration is considering whether to pull the drug off the market. a safety study found it increases the risk of heart attack and stroke by 11%. meetings with the panel of experts begin on wednesday and meia -- meridia's been on the market since 1997 however, regulators pulled it off in january. first lady michelle obama is challenging the nation's restaurants to make their menus healthier and speaking of the national restaurant's association, mrs. obama asked small and large establishments to reformulate their recipes, reduce the amount of fats they use and to provide more healthy obligations on the kids men use. the restaurants will be required to post calorie counts
5:37 pm
on their menus as part of the healthcare reform lap. the food and drug administration has less than a year to come up with guidelines for that. >> healthier options for kids. thank you. the next time you go to the restaurant, you could be eating for two. they measured up portion sizes and found they're two times larger than the government's definition of a serving. for example, a dinner-size meal is 3 1/2 cups of pasta. according to the fda, a serving of pasta is one cup and the state couple served up the 49- ounce stake but the usda said one serving of meat should be about 4 ounces. >> big difference there. >> wow. remember the winter storms? who could forget. seven months later, round after round of snow and wicked winds. >> turns out we're still feeling the effects of all the weather and talking about a baby boom. we'll look closer at 5:45. and that is the time of catch -- kind of catch
5:38 pm
fishtail, the kind they're made of. >> and if you ever paid for a fancy lobster dinner, think about what this one is worth. we'll tell you what it took to get him in the boat. coming up next. [ male announcer ] have something you love doing?
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a really good catch for a florida fisherman. he pulled in a 10-pound giant lobster. and he went there and went diving and guess what, low and behold, he found that lobster. he ended up fighting with it for 45 minutes and trying to get it on the boat. he won. he enjoyed a big lobster dinner without the big price tag and here in d.c., a one-pound lobster goes for $25.
5:42 pm
>> wow. >> a lost people could have feasted off television that. the crowd in bure rightos in mexico the state fair hosted the world eating burrito contest. joey chestnut, sound familiar? he didn't disappoint, eating 47 beef, bean and chili bur rightos in 10 minutes and left with a $1,500 cash prize. you can imagine? >> no. >> how muchp digestion? >> looks painful. >> oh, my goodness. >> and dean need to buy dinner. >> yeah, he yate enough for everyone. >> my goodness. >> and what is that strategy? >> i don't know. >> looks like it hurts. a foggy start to the day and that gaffe way to sunshine. a beautiful day. >> it was. >> the question is how will the weather shape up? gary's putting the finishing touches on the five-day
5:43 pm
forecast. next.  ring ring. progresso.
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>> it's hard to remember when we're enjoying this beautiful weather, but seven months ago, we were still snowed in from the blizzard of 2010. snow-covered streets stranding many families at home and we're seeing the results of all of that togetherness. local hospitals are expecting another sort of blizzard the next few weeks. >> reporter: in february, washington was brought to a standstill by one of the worst blizzards in the city's history. burying the region under nearly two feet of snow and some people braved the outdoors while others retreated indoors. >> measuring just about what you should. >> reporter: and now, nearly 9 months after the massive storm, a blizzard of babies is due. >> we have seen a tremendous
5:47 pm
surge as we get into the fall for the number of deliveries. this year, we did about 1350 deliveries. and we're expecting we may actually get to 200 more deliveries this year. >> it's definitely a byproduct of the blizzard. >> reporter: miller said he and his wife laura were trying to have a baby and the blizzard made for perfect conditions. >> you need to have plenty of free time, that worked out well. >> reporter: this family health and burn center in d.c. is getting ready for a baby boom in october. >> we queue a long time ago, we were going to be busy at this time and obviously, people come for prenatal care months in advance. >> reporter: at the same time sing thena yaflynn is preparing for the berth, she's not -- birth, she's not buying into in to the blizzard phenomenon. >> and it's heavier than it is and whether it's enough to be like statistically significant,
5:48 pm
i don't know. >> reporter: dr. oscar minz begs to differ. >> it's real. very real. >> i have been very busy. >> reporter: he said his clients readily admit they carrying blizzard babies. >> they tell you we were bored or had nothing else to do. >> reporter: so, winter door tom -- boredom for couples leading to sleepless nights for parents. >> a baby boom. >> i interviewed someone from howard university hospital seven months ago and talking to them about how the women were having babies because the low barometric pressure were going into labor. seven months ago they were going into early labor and here we are. >> yeah, i was at work. i don't know about you guys. i was not at home at all. >> thank you. >> and thank you for that. six now. and maybe that was the blizzard from north carolina that we were in and i don't know about
5:49 pm
that. no blizzards to worry about. >> and you were spot on yesterday. >> uh. >> and the rain came? >> that was like good rain. we needed it. >> yeah. >> and got in and got out. i didn't hear anyone complaining about that and on saturday, wow, it was nice and i thought a few clouds side afternoon and we got some nice high, wispy clouds and i take the weather forecast home with me. if you haven't noticed, i worry about it and it's good out there this evening, staying good and the temperatures, look at this. 85 in up to now and that -- 85 in town now and shifted from the south. cool, by the way and going to the southwest and as soon as it went to the southwest, that 80 degrees bumped up to 83 and 85 degrees and that heat of the day now and gaithersburg to 81. look at monasses, 88 and culpeper the same.
5:50 pm
fredericksburg, 86 degrees and around the area here, binghampton's on the cool side. new york city is 73 and about everybody around the region in the 80s and gorgeous this evening, warmer than that and checking up at 85 at 5:00 and cooling into the 70s with very, very nice conditions this evening. there are showers and thunderstorms north of us. here's what is going on the next few days. high pressure in control and we do have a cold front. it's way to the northwest now and that gets a good kick overnight tonight and it will come through and, as it comes through early, early tomorrow morning, it's a dry front and maybe we see a cloud or two, but we're not getting rain out of it. any of the rain is going by to the north of us. right to new york city right now and that is why it's so much cooler. sunny and breezy. that looks awful. sunny and breezy tomorrow. here is your forecast for tomorrow. we start off middle 60s and i put a cloud in there. with the front coming on
5:51 pm
through, we may have to deal with one or two clouds and we'll stay dry. sunny at noon, 78; 82, so tomorrow, looks very, very nice and we want to take you to the tropics to show you this is hurricane igor, maximum sustained winds right now at 150 miles an hour and it does not appear that igor will get stronger than this and this is still a high category fo, could get up to 166 and we don't see them often. looks like igor will stay out to sea and hoping it misses berm hide-- bermuda on the east or west side of that and it looks like it's staying away from the east coast and that is good news and quickly to future cast for an idea, tomorrow looks good and mild conditions, loads of sunshine. the same for wednesday and that high pressure stays in place
5:52 pm
and we're still good. and notice the rain to the northwest. we think some of this will come through thursday night and linger through friday and we have a late show or thursday and on friday and just a bump in the road there and temperatures staying nice and tolerable and spring, spring. fall starts the 22nd of september. >> there you go. >> and are you ready? >> yeah. >> and. >> happy birthday, jackson. >> happy birthday k. did you bring the cake? >> that is at home. >> okay. >> and. >> thanks. music's biggest names added a few more trophies to their shelves and mtvs video music awards. some of the big winners include best female video, lady -- lady gaga for bad romance and best male video artist of the year, justin bieber.
5:53 pm
lady gaga makes a statement on the red carpet. this times are it was not about her outfit. she walked the carpet with members of the service members legal defense network working to repeel the military's don't- ask/don't-tell policy. they're members of that group and d.c. residents. an air force officer was dischargeed in 2006 and he testified in the federal challenge to don't-ask/don't- tell and with gaga, david hall, an air force staff sergeant who was disarmed under the policy. and let's look at brian bolter for the news edge at 6. in six minutes, police investigate a fatal shooting in springfield. why residents say a speed bump may have sparked the deadly dispute. and illegal immigration uproar. the tougher penalties coming in the wake of a car crash that killed a local nun. and fenty fights for his political life. gy one-on-one with the mayor as he trys to overcome the image problem that has plagued his re- election campaign. stick with us. t
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>> he was a familiar face here. ron walters died at age 72. he was a professor at the university of maryland where he chaired the african-american leadership institute and played a pivotal role in jesse jackson's campaigns and wrote a column nationwide. funeral arrangements have not been made. parts of colorado are up in flames. >> crews are working around the clock to contain another major wildfire in an area reeling from the first. julie banderas has more. >> reporter: hundreds forced from their homes after another wildfire breaks out in northern colorado, this time in loveland. >> i hope they stopped. my house is on the top of the hill and all the neighbors on the bottom are losing their homes.
5:58 pm
>> lots of flames. >> reporter: this fire scorched hundreds of acres and destroyed several homes. >> the fire is burning and still active on the north and northwest corner of the fire and we're trying to get air resources. >> reporter: tankers that were battling wildfires near boulder are flying in to drop retardant on the flames. >> we would be trying to find resources if it was not that other fire. normally this time of the year, it's the offseason and the resources are not here. >> reporter: 35 miles south of loveland, the scene is worse residents forced to flee their homes a week ago, getting the chance to see the damage. at least 166 homes have been destroyed and tens of thousands of acres charred and making it among the worst wildfires in colorado history. they're taxiing on colorado's coiffures so far and that cost to contain the blazes is nearly
5:59 pm
$7 million, a figure that is expected to jump significantly. thanks for joining us at 5. the news edge at 6 starts right now. we begin in springfield. police say a dispute turned deadly. a man was shot to death last night inside his own home on field master drive. and the suspect, his neighbor. a possible motive? the speed bump that the victim lobbied to get in front of his home. and bob barnard has more. >> reporter: it was a savage murder. the 48-year-old victim, an employee of the faa, was tied up and, sources say, shot in his head inside the home here. his campaign may have been what


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